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Why did I make the financial investment to formulate a strategic marketing plan with the help of Riggs Creative Group LLC? Would I recommend my small business clients do the same?

Intentional Changes

Heading into the second year of Ciaccia CPA, I am making some intentional changes. One of those is investing in a strategic marketing plan with a team to support me.

This was a decision to invest in me. Like most small business owners, my business is a direct reflection of me. Basically, it is me. Sometimes I don’t know where I end and Ciaccia CPA begins. I want who I am and what I believe to be clear in all areas of my business and messaging. I don’t feel equipped to do this myself, so I turned to people who specialize in branding, content development, and planning. Making this decision is an investment in me, my family, my team and their families, and our future.

Room for growth

As we go into year two of the Ciaccia CPA firm, my focus is on growth; not only my own but that of my team, my clients, and the business community of South Jersey. I want to offer my clients more value and expertise, which requires more of me. Hiring the Riggs Creative Group marketing team to support and strategize on behalf of Ciaccia CPA gives me more time to focus on what I do best… building financial growth strategies and nurturing my clients’ wealth. I am confident that, with this investment, I can give more to my clients.

Making my mark with Marketing

After taking the wheel and finishing the first year in business for myself, I am ready to my put own spin on things. If you have known me for years, you know my history. My father and business partner retired a year ago on June 30, 2021. The first year being in business myself was about finding my way, building my team, gaining confidence, and realizing I really can do this! In a way, it was about survival. Year two and beyond is about intentional growth. We plan on improving the way we work with our clients, our processes, and our service offerings, as well as continuing to make an impact on the world around us.

Working with a full-service marketing company is an investment that I wasn’t ready for a year ago. I highly recommend businesses of all sizes make a similar decision. The more you focus on yourself and your business, the stronger you will be. Once you find the right team — one who listens to you, meets you where you are, and creates a strategic plan that fits your budget and moves you towards your goals, you’ll be on the course to intentional growth as well.