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What clients say about Meggan

Meggan Ciaccia

“Xtraordinary Events would like to take this opportunity to share our satisfaction with the performance of Meggan Ciaccia, CPA. Meggan is not only knowledgeable in the accounting field, she takes a personal concern in us as her client. Meggan gives us a level of confidence which is imperative in guiding our business through the current Situations all businesses have felt during these unfortunate times. We look forward to growing and expanding our company and I am confident Meggan will continue to be a big part of that success. 

Jill Sliwa Partner

Xtraordinary Events

When you work with Meggan you’re just not getting your taxes done. Her team is working with you to develop a long-term tax strategy that is designed specifically for you and your business. They keep you aware of impending tax changes so you can make financial decisions in the future and develop a retirement strategy that factors in tax consequences and wealth creation. In our opinion, they are the best at what they do. 

Frank Racioppi & Linda Straga

Meggan is a first class accountant. As a business man sometimes you need answers fast and the firm gets back to me in a hurry, especially when I have a QuickBooks® problem. They are experts with QuickBooks®. I would not hesitate using their firm and they are constantly reminding me to back up every day.

Joseph C. Sharman

President, Weststar Electric LLC

Meggan is extremely efficient. She’s always a phone call away from any questions that I might have . I use her for multiple business. Top notch. I highly recommend!

John Fadgen

Long Lane Home Services