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Tax Help

Strategic Business Planning

Ciaccia CPA applies its acumen, experience, and business knowledge to help companies, like yours, build a strategic road map to achieve your goals. In addition to providing an overarching view, it’s our privilege to walk alongside you to develop your budget (we prefer to call them profit plans) and determine benchmarks that will guide your financial journey.

Ciaccia CPA can also help your team grow as your business grows, with leadership development training that ensures clarity of mission and collaboration on objectives.

Business Consulting/ Management

Whether you’re just starting out and need help with your business plan or your business is mature and ready to scale to the next level, Ciaccia CPA invests in knowing your business, your industry, and your practices to help you achieve your business goals. We can assist you to:

  • Create policies and procedures for more efficient and effective practices
  • Implement profit improvement strategies
  • Provide education and training to employees
  • Develop your budget process
  • Make and manage cash flow projections
    • Cash flow improvement. This is the most common issue with businesses and there are many ways to tackle this issue. At Ciaccia CPA, we start by reviewing your invoicing, payroll, purchasing, and payment processes and suggest ideas for speeding up cash collections and slowing payments. We can prepare cash flow forecasts and projections to evaluate your short-term needs. We can also review your liabilities and prepare a bank loan package or create a payment schedule to get you out of debt.
    • Financial Analysis. We provide graphical dashboard analysis including forecasting, goal-setting, what-if simulations, benchmarking and much more.
    • Capital expenditure and project analysis. With an unlimited amount of ways to spend money in your business and only a limited amount of cash available, Ciaccia CPA helps you anticipate and prioritize the right projects for your business to reach your goals and move it forward. Our deep knowledge of your industry helps us guide you in this area.
    • Business valuation. When the time comes for you to consider selling your business, you first need to find out what it’s worth. We can help you determine the value of your business with our business valuation services.

Outsourced CFO Services for Your Business

As your Outsourced CFO, Ciaccia CPA works collaboratively with you to enable a strategic vision by improving financial strategies, cash flow, capital allocation, risk management, debt management, records compliance, and more. We assist in creating policies and procedures, overseeing the accounting and finance functions, providing education and training to employees, acting as liaisons to external relationships, and much more. Our goal is to nurture your wealth as you do more of what you love in your business. We can help you increase cash flow, retain more of your profits, and work more efficiently to grow your business. As your CFO, we serve as an executive-level financial member of your leadership team. Outsourced CFOs are an affordable option for small to mid-sized companies.