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Tax Help


One way to focus on growing your business is to engage Ciaccia CPA to manage your money flow, including invoicing, payroll, purchasing, and payment processes. That frees you to concentrate on developing business prospects, leading your team, and ensuring your services exceed the expectations of your customers.


Ciaccia CPA provides accounting services to small to mid-sized businesses. Our tasks include obtaining, reviewing, and updating your accounting records on a regular basis, reconciling all accounts regularly, scheduling monthly and quarterly tax payments, preparing monthly and quarterly payroll and sales tax returns, and tax planning and preparation. We provide financial statements on a regular basis and facilitate strategic meetings on a quarterly basis. Ciaccia CPA develops an understanding of your business, your plan, and your goals.

 Specialty accounting services. These services, which include items like job costing and inventory analysis, can help you find ways to improve your business profitability. We take a deep look at your operations, reviewing items such as profit margins, pricing, revenue growth, and costs to identify issues to fix and successes to repeat.

 Tax Preparation & Planning

We know that tax time is probably not your favorite time of the year! We want to make it as quick and pain-free as possible for you. We can help you navigate the maze of forms, requirements, deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws so that you can be aware of the possible financial opportunities available to your circumstances.

No matter what kind of income you have – paycheck income from a job that issues a W-2, contract work with 1099s, social security income, rental income, business income, stock sales, interest and dividend income, unemployment compensation, income from partnerships, LLCs, or S-Corps, or any other type of income – we can help you determine how to account for it on your tax return. We can help you take all of the deductions and credits you are eligible for, such as property taxes, medical expenses, charitable contributions, business expenses, retirement plan contributions, the new 20% business deduction for pass-through entities, child tax credits, and so many more.